Procedures for Complaints / Appeals / Feedback


Procedure of making a complaint
a) In case you have any complaint about our certification system or about our client's, you can make a complaint as per procedure given below.

b) written and/or verbal complaint to any employee/staff of GMS at Generic Management Services Pvt. Ltd., Register Office : 850/ 22, Swatantar Nagar,Narela, Delhi - 110 040, India. or Corporate Office : 37/15, Street No. 1, Sanjay Colony, Saboli Road, Narela, Delhi - 110040. or

c) Upon receipt of your complaint, GMS shall establish and where appropriate take action on, the causes of complaint, including any pre determining (or predisposing) factors within GMS management system.

d) It shall be endeavour of GMS to close the complaint satisfactorily and communicate its resolution to the complainant, subject to the requirements of confidentiality and local applicable laws.

e) In case the complaint relates to our certified client, then the examination of the complaint shall consider the effectiveness of the certified management system of the client in question. This shall be done during surveillance audit or if necessary through short notice audit. Complaint shall also be referred to the certified client in question at an appropriate time.

Suggestions/Feedback can be sent to

a) Any person or client can file an appeal against the decision of certification of GMS. The appeal against the decision of GMS must be made within 30 days of notification of that decision. The appeals shall be submitted in writing to the Operations Manager, Generic Management Services Pvt. Ltd.,Register Office : 850/ 22, Swatantar Nagar,Narela, Delhi - 110 040, India. or Corporate Office : 37/15, Street No. 1, Sanjay Colony, Saboli Road, Narela, Delhi - 110040. The written appeal must also include necessary documents in support of the appeal.

b) The Operations Manager shall verify the documents for completeness and may ask for additional documentary support if necessary. The appeal shall be acknowledged after the documents are complete and forwards the same to the Director Operations. The Director Operations has the right to either disallow the appeal or to form an Appeals Panel based on the merit of the contents of the appeal. If the appeal is admitted, Director Operations will form an Appeals Panel. The Appeals Panel is headed by one of the members and two members are taken out of the assessors, staff or experts. If required, services of outside member(s) may be called to discharge the appeal.

c) The Appeals Panel gives its recommendation to the Director Operations for necessary action to discharge the appeal to the satisfaction of the appellant. The Appeals Panel also recommends preventive action, if any, to avoid such recurrences. The Director Operations will give the decision on the appeal based on the recommendation by the appeals panel. The decision of the Director Operations in this regard will be final. The above process will be completed within 45 days of the date of admission of the appeal.

d) If not satisfied with the decision of the Director Operations, appellant can file an appeal to the Managing Director, Generic Management Services Pvt. Ltd., through Director Operations. The Managing Director will form an Appeals Panel consisting of three members, that will go into the merits of the case and the procedure followed to address the appeal.

e) If appellant is not satisfied with the decision of the Managing Director of GMS, the appellant can file appeal to the Accreditation Body. However, this shall be resorted only after all the avenues of resolving the matter by filing appeal with GMS have been exhausted. In such a case, the Accreditation Body’s appeals process shall be followed and the costs of appeal shall be borne by the appellant unless the appeal is successful.