ISO 29990:2010


What is 29990:2010?

ISO 29990:2010 is an International Standard meant for non-formal education and training providers. The Standard has some congruent features with other management systems, above all with ISO 9001.

ISO 29990 is basically subdivided into two areas: learning services (for example, these services include designing, providing and monitoring of learning services) and Management of the learning service (for example business planning, financial management, risk management as well as human resources management). This Standard is the first standard for non-formal learning providers applied on an international scale. The advantages for learning providers are transparency of their own services, international comparability and defined processes for quality assurance. Our objective is demonstration of conformity, creating confidence for learners and other interested parties in the ability of the organization to achieve quality throughout the learning process.


Structure of the international standard:

The International Standard has 4 chapters. Chapter 1 defines the scope of application. Chapter 2 explains terms that are used in the standard. Chapter 3 outlines the requirements for learning services, and in Chapter 4, the requirements for the management of the learning service provider. These two chapters (Chapter 3 & 4) are the main components of the standard. They are structured as follows:

1. Scope
2. Terms & Definitions.
3. Learning Services
• Determining the learning needs
• Designing learning services
• Provision of learning services
• Monitoring of learning services
• Evaluation by learning service providers
4. Management of the Learning Service Provider
• General management requirements
• Strategy and Business Management
• management review
• Preventive measures and corrective actions
• Financial management and risk management
• human Resource management
• Communication management (internal / external)
• Resource Allocation
• Internal audits
• Feedback from interested parties


Objectives of ISO 29990:2010

• Ensuring the LSP’s about transparency, quality & comparability in educational institutions.
• Establishing a Generic Qualify Model for LSP’s.
• Focusing on the LSP’s competence criteria


Why we need ISO 29990?

In today’s era, there are multitude LSP’s which are offering non-formal education & training. With the ISO 29990 certification, the quality, transparency&affinity of the non-formal education & training offered by LSP’s are increased. ISO 29990 Certification is not only useful for organizations looking for a renowned partner to work with, but it also appeals to LSPs which ensures their consistency in providing quality services and improving organizational effectiveness.
Who should applied for ISO 29990:2010 Certification:
Government, Semi-Government, Private & NGO Institutions provide Vocation & Non-formal training.